The Death of Music?

On a chilly October evening, I was having a conversation with an older friend. I was in school at the time (a few years back) and we got to talking about my studies. I mentioned that I was writing my Masters thesis on drum programming. “Are you going to call it the...

Top Tips From 13 Producers

Beat-making is an art. No, I take that back. Beat-making is part art, part science. If you want to become great (or even competent) with music production, you have to work both sides of the coin. Ignore either and pay the price. To get an idea about what it really...

The #1 Tool For Beat Makers

For a long time I’ve gotten questions about music production stuff. People always want advice about what tools they might need, or what particular techniques should be used in a certain context. And I love it. I could talk about this stuff for hours. But...

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